Employee Parking Profile (EPP)

What does the word ‘BASE’ or letters ‘BS’ mean that I see next to my parking preference?

‘BASE’ or the letters “BS” are simply intended to distinguish individual permits from carpool permits. If the employee’s intent is to choose a standard, individual permit in a given parking facility (Ex. East Garage would appear as ‘EPGBS’), then he or she has successfully completed the process by making this selection and there is no cause for additional action.

Please also note the email you receive confirming completion of the Employee Parking Profile may also include the phrase ‘BASE’ or acronym ‘BS’.

Why did the Status Report change?

The Status Report (SR) reports the estimated parking service date required to obtain a permit in a given lot based on the Employee Parking Profiles completed at the time the Status Report is created. It will change frequently as employee preferences change. We urge patrons to visit and re-visit the Status Report when OGS announces that permits are available.


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