OGS Parking Policy and Registration Requirement

OGS Parking Policy and Registration Requirement

Downtown Albany Employee Parking System

Permits issued to registered parkers will remain assigned and available to the State employees who have obtained them, for their exclusive use, unless or until:

  • The employee obtains different parking within or outside of the OGS system, or cancels his or her permit; or
  • OGS cancels the permit as a result of specific or accumulated violations of OGS parking enforcement policy that warrant cancellation.

OGS will make every effort to provide daily parking privileges to registered permit holders in their assigned lot; however, OGS retains the right to re-locate patrons to other OGS parking facilities based on operational need.

Registration Requirement

In order to park in facilities managed by OGS Parking, an employee must:

  • Successfully complete an Employee Parking Profile (EPP);
  • Hold a permit through OGS with an accompanying hangtag;
  • Comply with OGS payment policies and all parking polices and rules
  • Work in a location within downtown Albany or have a definitive date of reassignment to a work location within downtown Albany.  You will be eligible to compete for parking 30 days prior to your relocation date and, if awarded, your permit will be available to you 2 weeks prior to that date. If you do not work in a building that is considered within Downtown Albany (by virtue of inclusion in this list), you are NOT eligible for downtown Albany parking.

Employees who fail to comply with these requirements will be subject to OGS parking enforcement policies, including immediate towing or cancellation of parking privileges, and broader discipline as appropriate.