Empire State Plaza Bus Loop Project Impacts - Updated

The Office of General Services (OGS) is undergoing a major renovation of the bus turnaround of the Empire State Plaza that is expected to run through Spring 2017. Simultaneously, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will also be initiating a major bridge and highway repair project on the Empire State Plaza expressway leading to and from the Dunn Memorial Bridge. The DOT project is expected to begin in April and will last two years. The anticipated impact of these projects on State commuters is outlined below. 

Changes to Peripheral Parking Shuttle Bus Locations and Schedules 

Beginning Monday, October 31st, all Yankee Trails shuttles that are currently picking up/dropping off people on the Empire State Plaza will begin to pick up and drop off on Madison Avenue. The Water Street, McCarty and Broadway shuttles will be stopping on the Empire State Plaza side of Madison while the Madison/South Pearl Street shuttle will be stopping across the street in front of the NYS Museum. Shuttle bus riders should exit the Concourse at the Madison Avenue doors.  There will be four marked bus stops; one for each parking lot. In mid-to-late November, bus shelters will be added at each stop.

  • The Water Street stop will be the first stop and will be directly to the right.
  • The McCarty Avenue stop will be the second stop and will follow to the right
  • The 100 Broadway stop will be the third stop and will follow to the right up the hill
  • The Madison/South Pearl lot will be across the street directly in front of the museum under the overpass.  

Download Map: New Location of Temporary Parking Shuttle Bus Stops on Madison Avenue

Shuttle bus schedules are likely to change and riders will be provided with updated schedules via email and postings on the parking website https://parking.ogs.ny.gov/. All shuttle bus routes will be local runs; express routes will be temporarily suspended. 

Changes to NYS Industries for the Disabled and Star Pick up/Drop off

Also starting October 31st, the NYS Industries for the Disabled and Star buses will be redirected to pick up/drop off in the P-1North elevator bay area. To access this area, patrons are directed to utilize the elevator bays for Concourse elevators 9-12 in the northwest gallery by Key Bank.  

Swan Street Garage Shutdown

Beginning October 31st, the Swan Street Building Garage, including the loading dock area, will be closed due to construction. Access to these areas will be closed to all traffic through mid to late December, 2016. Patrons and affected agencies will be notified directly by OGS Parking Management to coordinate alternate parking during this time period.

Check Your Employee Parking Profile (EPP) - Next Rounds of Parking Permits Coming Soon

In the coming days, OGS parking services will offer a new round of parking permits in downtown Albany based on accumulated State service. We encourage all patrons to evaluate their current parking location in light of the upcoming construction impacts and update their Employee Parking Profile (EPP) accordingly. Patrons should check the OGS Parking Management website https://parking.ogs.ny.gov/ regularly for updates.

The increase of bus traffic on Madison Avenue, will create an increase in pedestrian traffic.  We strongly encourage pedestrians to utilize alternate routes including the East Garage walkway and State Street whenever possible. Due to the impacts on traffic flow, please allow extra time for commutes to and from the Concourse. We anticipate the bus loop will re-open in the spring.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the OGS Bureau of Parking Management at (518) 474-8118 or Parking.Management@ogs.ny.gov

Thank you for your cooperation.